PR to add support for "deep links" on iOS and Android

Adding support for “deep links” on iOS and Android

Following the existing pattern on desktop platforms, where a link from a website registered with an app will end up calling JUCEApplication::anotherInstanceStarted with the URL of the link that opened the app.

On iOS it was necessary to replace the (now deprecated) applicationDidFinishLaunching with applicationDidFinishLaunchingWithOptions .

I also added support for “Custom URL Schemes” on iOS via openURL but this is untested.

On Android I have hijacked the PushNotifications class which deals with intents to check for a VIEW intent which has the BROWSABLE category. See

Please note - on iOS this requires the “Associated Domains” capability to be set. So this should really be added to Projucer as part of the update.


Nice @adamwilson
Any chance this will be added?