Pre-build scripts (might) not run anymore?

Projucer project here.
I have a basic script we run to generate a cpp file with git hash we embedded into our plug-ins.

I’ve noticed it as I’ve finally upgraded the build machine and use Xcode 12.
And indeed it seems related to Xcode changes with using the newer build system?

Here is the Xcode 11 view:

And here is Xcode 12:

I suspect the “Based on dependency analysis”.
Would be nice to add this option or make sure it’s not the default within Projucer.

(same goes for post build which we for example we use on AAX to embedded factory presets…)

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I’ve pushed a fix to the SR branch:

Not sure if the JUCE team would prefer fancier toggle for this.
However, this keeps the old behavior the got broken with Xcode 12.

Thanks, I’ve made that change here:

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