Pre-Compiled binaries for linux

Hi Jules,
There aren’t any pre-compiled binaries of the “The Jucer” and “Example Code/Jucedemo” in along with those of Macintosh and Windows. Do you intend to put them up?

Probably not… Linux people are generally happy to compile something before they run it, and it avoids having to worry about different distros not being compatible.

Since I have recently starting working on Linux am not very sure, are you saying If I create a executable on Ubuntu, it might not run on fedora or red hat?

I’m sure it’ll run on the major distros if they’re not tweaked, but people have all kinds of bizarre linux setups.

In that case it would be worth having Linux executables. Lets ignore bizarre linux setup. Not sure how many people agree with me. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply.