Pre-multibus AAX plugin reloads as multi-mono plugin

Here’s the issue: ProTools projects saved with an older plugin version, (built with JUCE from before the multibus changes began, i.e. when all plugins were specifying their layout using the {1,1},{2,2},… format) and reloading with a new build of the plugin using the latest JUCE version (but still using the same {1,1},{2,2},… layout) now reload with the plugin in multi-mono mode . Has anyone else stumbled across this? I fail to see the change in the AAX wrapper that would cause this disruption.

I guess you lost track on JUCE “bugfixes” / breaking-changes.

Check this: Transition from 4.1.0 to 4.3.1 and AAX I/O issue

From 4.1 to 4.3 there has been changes to the order. and they WILL break again in next release.
So you might wanna check the develop branch that allows you to override the Ids and keep your plug-in compatible.

We’re going to be releasing and maintaining a list of breaking changes very shortly. It’ll probably sit in a text file in the root of the repo, which will help visibility.

Oh dear… I really hope the plugin wrappers will finally converge to something that lasts longer than a few months. Using JUCE over the last year or so has been quite a frustrating (and expensive, in terms of time and money spent on refunds) experience in that respect, I’m sorry to say. Anyway, thanks for the pointer.

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