Premium Support?

So for Pro users, how is this Premium support suppose to work? Is there an E-mail or will the forum be the place?


I would like to know this as well.

silent prayer: (please let it be a real issue tracker, please let it be a real issue tracker, please let it be a real issue tracker, pleas…)


We’ll clarify shortly, but in the meantime, for the Pro customers, i would suggest to post on the forum and alert us with an e-mail. It’s not ideal but that will get our attention.

Ok…Great! I have a few issues that need resolved and have not been answered on the posts.

I will email

Following up on the Premium Support???

It’s on its’ way… Shouldn’t be too long now.

So… basically Pro users will have to purchase units to get premium support?

Yes, that is correct, premium support is similar to a consulting service from experts from the JUCE team to work on Pro customers projects.

I am a little disappointed by this: I was under the impression that premium support was meant to be a preferential treatment for the issues raised by those who already had paid for a commercial JUCE license.

That, at least, was one of the selling point of the new licensing conditions announced after the ROLI takeover.


A cynic might think this new, extremely premium, program was thought out so they wouldn’t need to provide the originally intended preferential support…


While I understand why pro users would be miffed about this, as someone who doesn’t depend on JUCE for their livelihood I’m glad there aren’t multiple support tiers for general strictly-related-to-JUCE stuff.

The active social community is already relatively sparse, and splitting communication with pro users (either on an individual basis or via a private forum) would only serve to fracture things for hobbyists and newbies.

While it definitely sucks pro users don’t seem to get priority support on bug fixes or features (especially after it was promised), I understand where ROLI is coming from. JUCE was acquired to serve ROLI’s products, so they need to focus on serving ROLI’s needs first, which almost definitely eats a majority of developer bandwidth. The consultation unit pricing is what ROLI decided would be enough to make up the cost of lost productivity working on JUCE licensee needs instead of ROLI’s.

As I’ve said in other threads, ROLI has a track record of not delivering on marketed features (see: DSP debacle in JUCE 4) and I wouldn’t count on anything existing as promised unless you can see it with your own eyes (in the case of a code feature), or it has a full terms/conditions and a price tag on it with an order form (something like the premium support units). It sucks but it’s how things just seem to be.


Sorry, am I understanding this proposed service to be more inline with providing solutions architects as opposed to the preferential treatment interpretation?

I agree…this is not what I signed up for or what I understood the support to be. As I understood it, bugs and issues on the forum would have preferential treatment AND discounts for services.

Apologies for the misunderstanding. The Premium Support Plan is reserved for Pros and is a way for customers to get dedicated support and attention to their code.

Thanks for clearing it up :slight_smile: