Pressing the Enter Key on Mac Native Menubar


I'm finding that when pressing the return key on the native mac menu bar, the key command goes to the active component instead triggering the menu bar command.   This does work as expected on Windows.


This is also in the Introjucer as well,  So i'm not entirely sure that this is because i'm doing something incorrectly.

not demanding and immediate fix or anything like that, just bringing it to your attention.. although it would be nice if this was eventually addressed ; ] 


Repro in Introjucer:

Click File on the menubar

Press the keyboard's down arrow key twice to highlight 'Open'

Press Enter


Observe: nothing happens

Expected: perform to be called on the application command targets.


This will work when using the menu that has the name of the application

Click "The Introjucer" on the menubar

Press the up arrow to highlight 'Quit'

Press Enter


Expected and observed: application quits.