Preventing a VST file getting scanned by a Host/DAW?

Guys, I need to prevent some VST files to get scanned by a Host/DAW. On Windows I could just name the file .dat instead of .dll, but how about MAC and Linux?

Another option I´m thinking, which I need to look, is just to hack the Juce files to make audio plugins only readable by my own code, but I dislike this idea, as its messy… but its still an option if something more elegant couldn´t be found.

Keep in mind that I will want to load those VST files with Juce, but only on my code. So I would know that my .dat file is actually a VST DLL file on Windows, just not sure how to handle on the other platforms…

Thanks! 8)

Why not include the plugin classes inside your application code ?
There would be no plugin file at all because your app would create the PluginAudioProcessor object itself.


Just give it a different entry point (instead of VstPluginMain).

Interesting, thanks bud! :mrgreen: