Preventing " would like access to files in your Downloads folder"

I have a simple GUI app that asks me this question every time I rebuild and run. For the life of me, I can’t find anything in Projucer to prevent this.

Anyone? Thanks.

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I think this is a “feature” of macOS, once the binary changes you need to answer the question again, kind of a pain. Unless there is a way to switch it off at the OS level I’m guessing we’re stuck with this.

One trick that works for this is to design your app in such a way that there is a separate, unchanging process that acquires the needed permissions, and then another process that is the one you update on a regular basis, which communicate and work together. Since the one that never changes is the one that acquires the permissions, it can keep them indefinitely and share access - which holds true for microphone access, etc, as well.