I’m using the Personal version of JUCE in an app, that I uploaded to Apple App Store (iOS and macOS), Google Play and Microsoft Store.

For Google Play and Microsoft Store I had to make a ref. to a web site, where I tell about the user’s privacy. I use this link:

I have written the text below on the web page. Can that get in conflict with “things” that JUCE does in the background in the Personal version ? E.g. does JUCE send info about the usage etc.?

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Privacy Policy
The guitarFineTune app can’t in any way store, and/or distribute to any others, the sound from the microphone in your device.

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I would recommend to link to our own privacy policy.

Is this OK ? (I’m only a Dane, not an English expert :0)


You will need to get legal advice I’m afraid.

By the way, the first paragraph of this document makes only reference to the JUCE 4 code…