Pro Tools 8 mouse issue

I just converted a project to use the svn tip with PT8SDK, since my previous 1.46 project had issues with mouse events not being fed to the plugin window with ProTools 8. Unfortunately, I am running into the same issue again.

How to reproduce:

  1. Instantiate plugin and open GUI.
  2. Load another plugin (from digidesign for instance)
  3. Switch back to the juce plugin.

After this procedure, my juce plugin will not receive any mouse events anymore. I can get it to receive mouse events again by first clicking in the protools arrange window, then clicking the gui again. Is this a known issue?

I am seeing the vst version on mac freeze up and not receive mouse events as well, could possibly be related. This happens with the following procedure:

Andrew Simper

Are you guys running PT8 CS2 ?
There is a know issue regarding this for prior version

I am running PT8, not CS2 - just downloading from digi’s site. I was just wondering why this happens with normal PT8, since I have no issues with our home-grown xplatform gui/plugin toolkit.

Will post a positive/negative regarding CS2.

On the subject of PT, are any of you running PT HD?

I’ve just had a bug report that PPMulator crashes when you use ‘shuttle mode’, but I only have PT LE and that doesn’t allow shuttle mode, so I can’t test it.

I assume it’s just due to something simple like the buffer size being suddenly different, but if anyone with HD could have a go and let me know where the crash is, that’d be very helpful!

Hey Jules, I’ve only regular cheapy PT 8 LE CS2 here but FXpansion has HD systems and I’m sure they won’t mind letting you come in and borrow one.

Andrew Simper

Good idea - will ask them…