Pro Tools automation parameter name update

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Pro Tools 11.1 and newer allows to change plug-in parameter names during runtime similar to what VST and AU used to support for years when calling audioProcessorChanged(). For this to work in Pro Tools as well, I have added the following lines to juce_AAXWrapper.cpp:

    void audioProcessorChanged (AudioProcessor* processor) override
        // Update parameter names if necessary:
        const int numParameters = pluginInstance->getNumParameters();
        for (int i = 0; i < numParameters; ++i)
            if (AAX_IParameter* p = const_cast<AAX_IParameter*> (mParameterManager.GetParameterByID (getAAXParamIDFromJuceIndex (i))))
                AAX_CString processorParamName (processor->getParameterName (i, 31).toRawUTF8());
                AAX_CString aaxParamName(p->Name());
                if (processorParamName != aaxParamName)
        // End of Update parameter names
        check (Controller()->SetSignalLatency (processor->getLatencySamples()));

Let me know if this makes sense.

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Added on the develop branch:

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