Pro Tools Control Highlighting

Some customers have requested that controls should be highlighted when being automated in Pro Tools. I've noticed that the SetControlHighlightInfo method in JuceAAX_GUI currently doesn't do anything at all. The AudioProcessor or the AudioProcessorEditor class would need to be extended to get this information to the plug-in code itself and I wouldn't like to maintain a separate branch of JUCE. Jules, do you see any possibility of extending AudioProcessor for this purpose?

I don't really know anything about that function or how it works, but it sounds like something very specific to AAX - I'm sure none of the other platforms have anything equivalent. I don't have time to investigate myself but if you want to suggest some changes that aren't completely hacky, I'd be happy to consider them!

Thanks, Jules. You're right, it is definitely very Pro Tools specific. I'll send you the code when I'm done.

In case anyone has the same problem, this has been implemented in the latest JUCE version and you simply need to override the setControlHighlight method in the AudioProcessorEditor class.