Probable bug in URL

Thanks for giving us the splendid URL class. Very compact and still enormously useful. :-)

I think I found a bug in it. When attempting to make a POST request of the following type:


(1)  (plus POST data: var0=56&var1=4678)

then what happens is that all parameters are grouped together and sent as the POST data:


(2)      (plus POST data  cfid=0&cftoken=325678var0=56&var1=4678)


First, the cfid and cftoken has become POST data where it previously was part of the URL, and a & is missing just before var0


Apparently, our webmaster says the correct POST request is (1).

In or case the cfid and cftoken is actually session cookies and need be transmitted as part of the URL. The session is void without them, or if they are sent as POST data.


Is there anything that can be done at this Jules? I would hesitate to abandon POST. Thank you!

Well, not a "bug" because that's just the way the URL class works - it always extracts the parameters from the string you give it.

But I can see it'd make things awkward in your case, so I've added a method now URL::createWithoutParsing() which should do the trick.

That did it! Thank you very much, for the work and for the swiftness. :-)