Problem adding pages to a TabbedComponent

I have a TabbedComponet object with 3 tabs.
Tabs hold 16 meters each, with label id on each meter.

Inside TC constructor I add pages as follows:

addTab (T("Meters 1-16"), Colours::gainsboro, createMetersPage(filter,16,0),  true);
addTab (T("Meters 17-32"),Colours::gainsboro, createMetersPage(filter,16,16), true);

where createMetersPage is a method that returns a new page.

Component* createMetersPage(XRPFilter& filter, const int howMany, const int firstIs)
  XRPPageComp* page = new XRPPageComp();
  for (int i = 0; i < howMany; ++i)
    XRPMeter* meter = new XRPMeter();
    const int xpos = 10+(i*30);
    meter->setBounds(xpos, 10, 20, 192);

    Label* pLabel = new Label(T("metlabel") + String(i), String(i+1));
  return page;

The results is that the two tabs are identical, the second is equal to the first.
I can’t understand why, I’ve tried to remose static declaration for createMetersPage but without success.

Many thanx in advance for your precious suggestions!

Are you sure it’s not just your label text that’s wrong?

ok :oops: , the text is wrong, but the meters display the wrong level too.
Let’s assume the plug has 2in2out. In the second page i saw the first 2 meters (17,18) showing the same level of meters 1,2, insted of zero…but maybe it is better I take a look in my code.


PS: Found the problem! :lol: