Problem in 1.46 macBitmapImage on sourceforge?


I just downloaded 1.46 from sourceforge. When I tried to compile, I got an error about an extra qualifier on the destructor for MacBitmapImage.

Basically, the code looks like this:
class macBitmapImage : public Image



Removing the macBitmapImage:: qualifier allows it to compile.

Straightforward, but since I’ve seen no one else reporting this problem, I’m a little worried I somehow got the incorrect source.


Which version of mac are you using?


Does seem a bit strange that nobody else would have had a problem if nonsense like that is in the codebase!

…but please go to 1.50 instead anyway! 1.46 is sooooo ‘last year’


Hi Jules,
I had faced something similar in one of our source file. gcc 4.0 used to ignore it but gcc 4.2 doesn’t ignore it.


OSX 10.6, using XCode 3.2, and linking to 10.5 libraries.

I’d switch, but I’m just doing a port and am avoiding switching any library versions as a general rule unless absolutely required.