Problem Installing JUCE 5.0.1

When installing JUCE 5.0.1 I get an error like “failed to install JUCE, old folder could not be removed”

This always happens to me on windows where I don’t install JUCE on the C: drive. I think there’s another thread on the forum about it.

Simple solution, just download the .zip file from and replace the existing folder on your hard drive.

A solution that really solved all my installation and versioning problems was to use a git client like SourceTree or GitKraken and always keep track of the develop branch, which is where most of the big fixes are anyway…

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I think you may need to start the Projucer with admin rights so that it can succesfully replace the JUCE folder.

Just a note that with JUCE 4.2.1 on Window7, the Run-as-Admin does not succeed. The only builds I’ve done in this folder are with Visual Studio 2015, which is not running at the time of attempted update.

Is there some rule against placing a JUCE project in JUCE’s install folder?
(If so, I got away with it using 4.2.1)
Btw I’m working with a copy of my project, no clue what state that copy is in after 2 failed attempts at this.