Problem using getText() method

I’m trying to use the getText() method on a Text Editor object to get the text inputted in the Text Editor field back, however when I try to run the program in VS it throws out an error:
Error C2248 ‘juce::String::operator bool’: cannot access private member declared in class
I’m thinking it might do with the fact that I declare the text editors in the private field, but if I don’t do that it throws and undeclared field error.
Any idea why how to get the contents of the text editor?


That means you’re trying to access a private member in a derived class. We’d have to see some code.


: state (Stopped),

    setLookAndFeel (&lookAndFeel);

    firsr.setText("Please insert a numeric value");
    first.getText() >> text;

TextEditor first;
int text;

What I’m trying to do is to transfer the input a the value from the text editor to an integer. With the first.getText() >> text . I have a hunch this is not how you do it and if that’s the case then how do you convert a string to an integer? Cause if i transfer the value from getText to a string it works just fine.


Check out the JUCE String class – it has methods to convert from String to int, long, etc.


const int x = first->getText()->getIntValue();

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