Problem with MouseCursor::IBeamCursor

Hi Jules,

I had no problem using your component method, setMouseCursor. All the default cursor enumerators work well except for the MouseCursor::IBeamCursor. This creates an IBeamCursor, but seems to draw the cursor BEHIND all the graphics I draw, or at least some graphics… So it’s often strangely hard to see and seems to pass behind drawings…

All the other cursor enumerators are perfectly visible and drawn on top of everything else properly.

Have you seen this behavior? If so, is it a true bug, or am I doing something wrong?


I suppose you’re getting confused by the fact that in Windows, the i-beam cursor is XORed onto the screen rather than composited… Take a look at the i-beam in ANY app, and you’ll see that it’s rubbish when you move it over mid-grey colours…