Problem with MouseCursor Scaling

const juce::MouseCursor cursor(cursorImage, 0, 0, 1.f / space.upscaleFactor);

i’m making a vst plugin on windows and my cursor doesn’t scale up. it has the dimensions 9x9 and the upscale factor is 4, so i expected the cursor to turn out to be 36x36 in the end. What was my mistake?

btw, i already read about the windows-limitation of 32x32, but if i turn down my upscaleFactor enough so that upscaleFactor * 9 <= 32 the cursor still doesn’t scale up.

my only idea left about this is that the constructor of this class doesn’t expect the cursor to actually be smaller than the target… do you think that could be it?

i could potentially manually upscale the image myself in some programm but that would be kind of a dirty solution imo. if no one knows what the problem could be i’ll do that, but would be cool to get a ‘real’ solution