Problem with reloading plugin after closing

I recently switched to Mac and moved over the project I was working on on Ubuntu. It seems to work great except with one issue I have now. In Garage Band my plugin will load the UI perfectly the first time but if I close it and reopen it causes the pictured issue. I never noticed something like this on Ubuntu but I was also using Renoise there and GarageBand now, so maybe it has something to do with how the DAWs handle plugins. Has anyone seen an issue like that or knows a solution?

Is this on an M1 or on an Intel Mac?

M1. I tried it in Reaper and this issue doesn’t seem to be occurring so maybe it is a GarageBand issue?

Have you tried validating using auval?

pluginval might also highlight any potential problems.

We had the same problem in Logic, too, and it only happens on M1 Macs. We can reproduce several other issues related to Apple’s new hosting process used in their products.

So we don’t think it’s a JUCE issue, but rather an Apple issue.

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I tried using AUval and it doesn’t show any issues.
Hmm. Do you think it is something that will be worked out in the future? It is weird that it only happens on Apple DAWs.

I think that’s the audio plugin host crashing. When you see the spinner, check that AUHostingServiceXPC_arrow is still running. Maybe your ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/ has some logs that say what’s going wrong.

I’m pretty sure this is Apple’s issue and they need to fix it, but it would be nice to find a work around in the meantime. I have opened an issue in Feedback Assistant, but have heard nothing back.

Me reproducing the error doesn’t result in a new diagnostics report. I just tried it a few times to be sure.

Side note: I noticed that Valhalla plugins don’t seem to exhibit this behaviour. They are based on JUCE right? I wonder what magic fairy dust they have over there.

I’m not sure which Valhalla plugin you are testing with. I just grabbed ValhallaVintageVerb, it’s listed as Big Sur ready, but it’s only x86_86, no native arm code. I’m pretty sure these issues are arm only.

Supermassive. I grabbed the version that is listed as Intel/Arm. It was just the first JUCE developer that came to mind so I thought I would try it. I assume the Intel/arm means it is a universal binary? Maybe there is something there?

I noticed crashes around where I was using alloca. Perhaps the out of process plugins on the M1 have a smaller stack?