Problem with setting post-build event in Projucer

I’m using JUCE 6.0.4 with the VS 2019 exporter.

When I define a post-build event within the Projucer and save/launch VS2019, the event is applied to all projects in the solution, i.e. the shared code and the final outputs (in my case VST3 and Stand Alone).

I would like to have different post-build events for the projects but this doesn’t seem possible to do from the Projucer. If I define separate events from the project property pages in VS2019, they are wiped out if I subsequently start the session from the Projucer. They are OK if I start from the VS2019 solution file.

Perhaps a check box in Projucer to say whether to generate the events or not would help?

After digging around the Forum, I found an answer to this. There is an option to copy the VST3 only to a user location in the Projucer which I hadn’t noticed - doh!