Problem with xmlelement


Hi julian,
I haven’t been able to debug this or test it on other special characters.

If I have to parse an xml which contains “&” in it’s Decimal form i.e.
"&" parsing goes smoothly but if i my xml contains “&” in it’s Entity Reference form i.e. “&” it doesn’t parse properly.

  If my xml has an entry <xdoc><name> hot &amp; cold</name></xdoc> it would return only "cold" am using xmlElement "getAllSubText()".

 Is there any thing am doing wrong?? Here is the list of other special characters.


Well, I just tried it myself, and it worked perfectly - are you using the latest version?


Am using juce 1.45, are there any changes in xmlElement of juce 1.45 and 1.46?


I’d be very surprised if there were no changes since 1.45!


I plan to debug it tomorrow and will find out the issue and in the worst case scenario move the code of juce 1.46 to 1.45.