Probleme with FileBrowserComponent

Hello everyone,

I get a strange problem with FileBrowserComponent and i can't figure out why.

This is my piece of code :

///get the desktop file of the user
File desktopFile = File:: getSpecialLocation(File::userDesktopDirectory);

//create a ScopedPointer for the audio file filter
wildcardFilter = new WildcardFileFilter(String("*.wav,*.aif,*.aiff,*.mp3"), "*", String("Audio files"));

//create the flags of the FileBrowserComponent
 int flags = FileBrowserComponent::openMode |
        FileBrowserComponent::canSelectFiles |

//create a ScopedPointer<FileBrowserComponent> with the filter and desktop as default directory
browser =new FileBrowserComponent(flags ,

//Create a FileChooserDialogBox with my FileBrowserComponent
FileChooserDialogBox dialogBox (String("Choose an audio file"),
String("Please choose some audio files that you want to open..."),

////Use the selected files
if (
int numberOfFiles = browser->getNumSelectedFiles ();
StringArray mesfiles;
for(int i=0;i<numberOfFiles;++i)
File selectedFile = browser->getSelectedFile (i);
mesfiles.add(selectedFile.getFullPathName ());
DBG(selectedFile.getFullPathName ());

This piece of code work well when i use it alone in a dedicated application for it.

When I add it in a function of my program it work well when i compile in release mode but  when i compile in debug mode, MS Visual studio lunch an exception with the following text :

"Unhandled 0x00452AA0 in myprogram.exe Exception: 0xC0000005: Access Violation when writing to the location 0x00A28B74."

and stop at this line of the juce_String.cpp code:

static CharPointerType makeUniqueWithByteSize (const CharPointerType text, size_t numBytes)
        StringHolder* const b = bufferFromText (text);

        if (b == (StringHolder*) &emptyString)
            CharPointerType newText (createUninitialisedBytes (numBytes));
            return newText;

///line where the program stop
        if (b->allocatedNumBytes >= numBytes && b->refCount.get() <= 0)
            return text;

        CharPointerType newText (createUninitialisedBytes (jmax (b->allocatedNumBytes, numBytes)));
        memcpy (newText.getAddress(), text.getAddress(), b->allocatedNumBytes);
        release (b);

        return newText;

Do someone know why it could have this behavior and don't work only in debug mode? What could cause the problem?

I'm sorry to ask a so stupid question on this forum but i'm a newbie with Juce and C++ programing. It is not my regular work. Maybe someone can have an answer for me.



Other interesting things, when i compile in x64 on my windows 7 64bits in debug mode it works well. The Crash append only if i compile in  the win32 mode in debug mode.

Someone know why?

Just because you only see the crash in debug mode doesn't mean your other builds are correct.

No way to magically tell you what's wrong with your code, but it's a basic C++ dangling pointer bug - you're using an object after deleting it.