Problems building RTAS for Mac


There’s two project settings problems with current tip when trying to build RTAS plugins.

One problem affects users of XCode 4.3 and causes a compilation error:

.../ASConnUtil.h:25:10: fatal error: 'Components.h' file not found


At jucer_AudioPluginModule.h:

exporter.extraSearchPaths.add ("/Developer/Headers/FlatCarbon");

should be

exporter.extraSearchPaths.add ("$(DEVELOPER_DIR)/Headers/FlatCarbon");

The other problem affects people who use a relative path for their RTAS SDK and causes a linking error. libPluginLibrary.a can’t be found.

This is due to XCodeProjectExporter::getLinkerFlagsForStaticLibrary doing

if (! library.isAbsolute())
    searchPath = "$(SRCROOT)/" + searchPath;

while the code defining SRCROOT was removed at commit ead42bd39acda45e3ccca0e14070cd714e27e5a8
one possible fix is re-adding those lines defining SRCROOT.

cheers, Yair


Thanks! Much appreciated.

Dammit, I knew there was a subtle reason why that was needed! Instead of adding back the old code, I’ve changed the getLinkerFlagsForStaticLibrary function to generate an absolute path - let me know if it works!


Yep, it works, thx!