Problems for the noob on TRACKTION 2

yea i have a little problem. i recently bought a Mackie onyx 400F, and it came with Tracktion 2…im using just a simple set of monitoring headphones. When i plug in to the input for guitar, and plug in the headphones, i play and everything is fine. it comes out of both ears, crisp and clean. Its only when i start up traction 2 i have two problems.

  1. I have sort of a delay every time i strum or fret something. it is only a couple milliseconds of delay. When i fret something it comes dead on, but there is this unnessesary delay that follows. How do i fix this? i tried doing that advance thing, and it says to set the stereo to a loop. any easy do it yourself instructions how to rid my life of this delay?

  2. more of the important issue, refering back to my opening paragraph, my headphones and inputs are fine, but when i record something, it is panned all the way to the left channel. i have tried everything i know about. I went back to the mixer software and checked the panning, and i checked all the panning on Traction 2. (the filter panning) and the panning at the screen on the bottom. my left and right channel meters says only the left channel is playing…which it is. how do i fix this? i am such a noob at this.

I am just learning how to use this software, and i have never been more confused in my life.
PLEASE HELP!! thanks a lot.

the delay is usually called latency, maybe you have to adjust your buffersize and number of buffers on the AUDIO SETUP page…

go mackie and ask 'em about this stuff

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