Problems with Image::drawImage

Hi, I’m having trouble with drawImage.
When stretching an image it applies a gradient on the image, why does it do that?
Do I use the function wrong or is their some other function I should use instead?

Well, it doesn’t apply a gradient, so I guess you’re talking about the fact that it interpolates the image when you’re enlarging it. If for some reason you want to turn that off, the Graphics class has a method to select the interpolation mode.

Does that still work? Somewhere along the line, the low quality resampling mode started giving the same results as the high quality. I actually used this feature as I allow images to be rescaled in nearest neighbour or bicubic based ona user selection (for medical images sometimes nearest neighbour is actually quite useful). AFAICT the toggle is having no useful effect in later builds of my application.

oh, I thought it still supported nearest-neighbour mode…