Problems with Qt Creator

I’ve been trying to make juce work under Qt Creator but I ran into problems. I copied the modules folder into my project folder. I tried to include juce_core.h but it won’t work.
I get the following compiler errors:

I also dug into that header file, and found that
on lines 104 and 105

typedef PARAMETER_TYPE (KeyType) KeyTypeParameter; typedef PARAMETER_TYPE (ValueType) ValueTypeParameter;
are underlined with red, and prompts that PARAMETER_TYPE(…) has not been defined.
I understand that is defined in juce_MathFunctions.h since my VS2010 has successfully found it.
What should I do?

Just to let you know, I was able to get my fork of the juce_core module to compile under Qt Creator with no problems whatsoever. I’m using a qmake .pro file along with g++ 4.7.1 under Ubuntu 12.04

Oh, I’ve finally found out what the problem was. QtCreator recognizes slots as a bloody keyword. :evil: