proccesBlock on YouTube music

I use the plug-In project with the pluginEditor and pluginProcessor.
and what I’m trying to do is to get data ( in this case samples ) to the plugin ProcessBlock from song on YouTube, and process it by doing filter or compressor on this samples, and than, to transmit the result to my speakers ( i want to hear the result that I got from the ProcessBlock for example : low pass filter on the current song or compressor according to some threshold).
I have a little example of this project but I’m using ASIO and transmit to Audio Precision.

here I want that the buffer will be the samples from the browser(for example youtube song) instead of
the samples that I got from to sound card.

To make it clear I will mention that I use visual studio with c++


off the top of my head I could recommend 2 possibilities:

  1. Implement a VST plugin and load it into a DAW which allows to stream from Youtube.

  2. Implement a standalone plugin with JACK support. Then launch a JACK server, route the audio from youtube into your standalone, and in the standalone select the JACK server as your input.

Hope that helps.


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hi , thanks for replay . I have some questions .
first, I’m new on juce so can you please explain in a little more detail what do you mean by launch a jack server? (there is a way that I can choose the url of the specific song ?) and how can I select on standalone to use JACK.?
thanks a lot for helping me.

Jack is a Software designed to patch Audio Signals between Applications on a single Machine.

Yes it works for Windows!

It does that by running a server, where your audio gets send through, so you can say get the audio from my integrated Output (Headphones / Speakers) where my Youtube signal ends up, route that into Jack, from there to your DAW or Standalone-App and from there back to the output.

So it works like a “Virtual Soundcard”. To use it you select it as the I/O-driver in your software, so for example if you select JACK as your Main-Out and as your Input in your JUCE app, all audio that would get send to your speakers ends up as Input in your Juce app.

(hope that makes sense)

Sadly I can’t tell you what extra steps (beside installing Jack on your machine) are needed to get it running in JUCE.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: