Process enumeration in juce

Is there any way of enumerating the processes in juce?
We need to list all the processes running in the system and check whether a particular process instance is running or not. Please help.

Juce is all about being cross platform. I don’t think you have such a highly platform-dependant method in the library,
Have you tried that : ?

Yes, we are already doing it in windows. But is there any way of doing it with juce so that we can make our application cross platform for use in mac? Thanks for your reply…

I see. I don’t know but honestly I don’t think juce does it.
On the other hand, there are a few libraries who do it already. You can check the ‘unoficial’ boost process which works with juce, orPOCO library (didn’t test with juce …)

yup…ll have to try both of them…how s POCO…nybody used it with juce for specific areas?