processBlock not being called for generative plugin

I can’t seem to find the forum post anymore (the post had an odd title), but the conclusion is that Logic will stop calling processBlock after a while. This is just a limitation of Logic that you will have to live with.

I’ve now reproduced the problem. At first I thought it was related to the laptop going into Sleep mode, but I can’t reliably reproduce this and I’ve also had it stop after seemingly random intervals as @fabian suggests.

I can confirm that processBlock() definitely stopped getting called because I had Logic running under the debugger. So the conclusion is: Logic stops calling processBlock() after an arbitrary period of inactivity. Hitting play in Logic starts it back up again.

This is really bad, because from a user perspective it just appears that the plugin isn’t working. If there’s no way for a plugin to notify the host that it needs to be “active”, it feels like a bug in Logic. Has anyone raised the issue via Apple Feedback…?

I know this is bad, but you cannot change this behaviour. You will find no other plug-in (other than maybe Apple’s own plug-ins) which works around this limitation of Logic (and isn’t an AU generator). This is not a JUCE issue.

I think we are using an AU generator…

I’ve just done a test, and setting the plugin AU type to kAudioUnitType_Generator does seem to work around the issue.

Unfortunately it does not for Final Cut X 10.3.2.

  • I set kAudioUnitType_Generator
  • I return from getTailLengthSeconds() std::numeric_limits::max();

Anything else worth testing?

I’d try and find a final cut developer to talk to :slight_smile:

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I am hitting this with an effect plugin. Setting the tail length to max doesn’t work and after about 12sec of no input, processBlock stops getting called and that cuts off the tail of the plugin (which in some cases is still sounding off).

I am observing this in Cubase with VST3. VST2 works fine. Haven’t tested this specific issue with AU, but I don’t think I have a problem in Live.

If your plugin always generate sound without needing any input audio, you can add the category “Generator” as subCategories (for example use kFxGenerator) or you can return kInfiniteTail in the function IAudioProcessor::getTailSamples

I am already setting another category and this isn’t it. How do I add it as a subcategory? Or maybe there is a way to set kInfiniteTail to be returned from that method in the VST3 API?