Processing a clip in place in Cubase/Nuendo doesn't work with VST

When I try to process a clip in place in Cubase/Nuendo via the "Audio->Plug-ins..." menu, my plugin will not process the clip I have selected because it appears to be in bypass mode. I see this problem in VST2 but it works fine in VST3. The bypass button does not appear when rendering a clip this way so there is not way to take it out of bypass. I am only seeing this problem on Windows.

This seems to have broken after the VST3 bypass capability was added.


Can you confirm on which exact version of JUCE this is on? It would be strange that the VST3 bypass commit would alter the VST2 code in any way.

This problem seems to have gona away after a reboot. It's evedently an issue with the particular version of Nuendo I was running. Thanks.