Producer and XCODE 7.3 beta

Is the following response to me loading Projucer after having installed Xcode 7.3 beta,

"Compiler not available due to missing System Headers, Please install a recent version of Xcode",  something that I could fix by downgrading on the contrary, or is there another fix ?




Haven't tried 7.3 yet, and am not too keen to install betas of Xcode! Wouldn't expect it to be vastly different from 7.2 though, so am guessing something else is going on there?

Actually, there is a bit of code in the Projucer where it looks for those system headers inside the Xcode bundle. It may very well be that for Xcode 7.3, something changed in there so that the Projucer doesn't find them anymore!

Will check, but if that's the case unfortunately there is no quick fix and you'd have to wait for the next Projucer update.

Installed 7.3 here and all seems to be OK.. Maybe this was just a problem with the beta version having different paths?