Profiling plugins with XCode Instruments?

Does anyone know how to set up XCode’s Time Profiler to work with audio plugins?

You just need to set the target to be your host application and then hit the record button. I find it easiest to use the AudioPluginHost as there’s less crap to sift through to find your code, but it does work with most hosts. Also I suggest that you select the “Hide System Libraries” and “Flatten Recursion” options from the “Call Tree” menu at the bottom.

As you can see from this screen shot you normally have to jump through a load of function calls into you find your plugins processBlock, or a method on the message thread, but its normally fairly easy its probably the call with the biggest time.


Thanks, I guess I should have tried that! In turn end I used VS.Their profiler has really improved since I last tried it.

Has anyone gotten the symbols set up correctly so they can profile their release builds with Instruments?

For which platform? In the Xcode exporters there’s “Strip Local Symbols” and in VS exporters I see a “Force Generation Of Debug Symbols” field

Yeah, if you go into the project setting and you turn generate debug symbols on, and strip debug symbols off, you can see the actual code from the profiler in your release build, can be helpful to add a scheme to projucer for changing this so you don’t have to mess with the actual release build

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