Program crashes only when opened from terminal but not in Xcode

I’m implementing a Markov chain music generator. Everything works fine in debug mode. However, if I open it from the terminal by typing “open” (I’m on Mac OS) the program crashes. I tried commenting out several parts of my program to narrow down the scope and it seems the error has something to do with my own “MidiPaser” class in which I get the midi events and put them in some std containers:

void MainComponent::playButtonClicked() {
    vector<std::pair<int, double>> noteSequence = midiParser.getNoteSequenceForTrack(audioFilePath, 3);

vector<pair<int, double>> MidiParser::getNoteSequenceForTrack(String path, int index) {
    vector<pair<int, double>> resSequence; //!< midi pitch and note duration pair
    vector<pair<MidiMessage, double>> noteOnSequence;  //!< midi message and note duration pair
    MidiFile localMidiFile;
    File targetFile(path);
    FileInputStream stream(targetFile);
    const MidiMessageSequence* sequence = localMidiFile.getTrack(index);    
    double duration = 0;
    for (int i = 0; i < sequence->getNumEvents(); i++) {
        if (sequence->getEventPointer(i)->message.isNoteOn()) {
            duration = sequence->getTimeOfMatchingKeyUp(i) - sequence->getEventPointer(i)->message.getTimeStamp();
            noteOnSequence.push_back(std::make_pair(MidiMessage (sequence->getEventPointer(i)->message), duration));
    // other processing I commented out
    return resSequence;

Although I hard code the index parameter, since it works properly in debug mode, I guess the problem might not be caused by the invalid index value. Does the snippet here have any bug?

Didn’t go into detail but the first thing I see: You open a file and do not check if it was successfully opened. You should always handle this potential error. Is path absolute or relative? Relative paths are a potential error source, as the directory they are actually relative to may depend on where you open your application from.

Thanks for your reply! the path is relative… So usually, if I want to use another resource like the midi file in my case, and may also want to publish my project, how should I refer to that file in xcode?

I’m really no expert in building ready-to-ship standalone applications for mac OS, so I waited if anyone with more practical experience kicks in with an answer. So let me tell what I know from theory :smiley: As you might have already noticed an .app on your mac is not the binary itself but a folder usually containing something like Contents/Ressources/ where all the files an application relies on are placed. Just take a look into the application bundles of some apps on your mac to get an idea.

Now I’d change the signature of your function so that it takes a File& instead of the String as an argument. This way you could pass it the default file from the Resources folder which can be accessed somehow like this (untested!):
File defaultFile = File::getSpecialLocation (File::SpecialLocationType::currentApplicationFile).getChildFile ("Contents/Resources/yourDefaultFile.something")

Now you could pass this File object to your function. Alternatively - if it makes any sense for your use-case - you are now also able to use the result of a FileChooser dialogue window.

And please implement some error handling in your getNoteSequenceForTrack function so that an invalid file won’t lead to a crash but provides you useful error handling and/or debugging information!