Programmable Audio Workshop (PAW) — Dec. 1, 2018 — Lyon, France

PAW is a unique opportunity to discover the latest developments in programmable audio boards and devices : Bela (Augmented Instruments Ltd.), MOD (MOD devices), OWL (RebelTech), SAM (Analog Devices and Moforte), and Touché (Expressive E). But PAW is also a place where these devices and specialized audio programming tools such as Antescofo (IRCAM), Csound (Csound community), Faust (Grame), Gen (Cycling74), JUCE (ROLI), and Kronos (Vesa Norilo) meet.

Join us at PAW for a series of talks and practical hands-on workshops given by leading designers, researchers, and entrepreneurs in the field of programmable audio languages and devices!


I would love to spend that day there ! Very cool initiative !

The url to register isn’t working for me.

Anyone from (southern) Germany who wants to travel there with me? :slight_smile: