Progress Bar with Time

I have to make a progress bar that works according to time, eg, time is 3 minutes, and three minutes, you should get 100% 
However, I do not know how to do and / or continued, could someone help me, or if possible, place a small code snippet explaining? 
Thank you.

Did you have a look at the DemoBackgroundThread in the [url=]DialogsDemo.cpp[/url] of the Juce Demo?

P.S.: Are you sure it is a good idea to do something like that within an audio plugin?

Well, it was requested that the project did with this progress screen, which showed that part of the song is (in percentage). 

I also found it weird and / or unnecessary, however, was asked what I did.

Well, it was requested that the project did with this progress screen, which showed thatpart of the song is (in percentage). 
I also found it weird and / or unnecessary, however, was asked what I did.

I wanted the progress bar was something like the image, where I would say the time needed to go from 0 to 100.


Use a Slider, a Timer with a 30ms callback and update it's position according to the current time / the song length:

void timerCallback()
    const double ratio = getCurrentSongTime() / songLength;
    positionSlider->setValue(ratio, dontSendNotification);


Your idea of using a slider is very convenient, however, would need to see how the two forms to the coordinator ... do not complain if I do not get with the progress bar will be even with the slider. 
Without being boring, as would be the case I would use code a progress bar for this?