Project looks different in VS and Juce live build?

I just got the Live build working, was missing paths to windows.h and corecrt.
So now it functions , but I am getting different looking projects from VS as opposed to the Live build in Juce.
Any thoughts ? What am I missing here ?

VS on the Left - Juce live on the Right

I never used the live build engine, so I can’t give any detailed information regarding that, but what’s obvious here is that on the left you see the default look & feel of the current JUCE version (v5.x) while on the right you see the default look & feel used until JUCE v4.x. So maybe your VS project somehow uses an older JUCE version?

I am sorry , I made a mistake and flipped the pictures , it is actually VS on the left and Juce on the right… edited original post to reflect that.
So it is the other way around.