Project Showcase: Soundscaper OSC

Hi all.

Thought i’d share with you a JUCE project i’ve been working on (on and off) for the last couple of months.

Soundscaper OSC

A new tool to help build real-time spatial audio installations with arbitrary numbers and positions of speakers. It basically acts as a standalone audio engine that can handle all the audio devices and spatial panning etc and you trigger and choreograph sound events via OSC messages (more info in the readme).

I’ve also decided to open source it as I have no plans for commercialization at this point so if this might be useful to you or you want to help contribute to it, let me know! There are lots of additional features / interface improvements i’m already aware of (as it has just been a part time personal project so far). But feedback of any kind is welcome!

Also if anyone is need of realtime graphics, interaction design or software development consulting. Please get in touch:



Thanks for sharing.
I like what you did with the UI. Looks very nice!