Projucer being blocked by MalwareBytes as RansomWare

having a bit of an issue recently, everytime my pc is scanned by MalwareBytes it detects and then blocks Projucer.exe and Projucer.lnk.

It has happened 3 times. once a day for the past 3 days at 17:56pm when my pc is scanned. But has never happened before. I’ve had MB since 2018 and JUCE since 2020.

is there a reason for this?

Yes, Anti-Virus software is shite! :joy:

If you are 100% certain your system is clean, try either redownloading Projucer or building from source, since I would be 99.999999999999999999% sure the JUCE teams build process is clean (I’m erring on a tiny chance it’s not, but this erring is 100% stupid in practice), or you could guarantee it yourself by building from source (assuming you can guarantee you’re not already compromised).

If the problem still persists then report as a false positive to MalwareBytes.

We have similar reports from time to time. Just a few bytes that match with a virus are enough to get such alerts. Maybe the same library or framework was used for a virus or malware…

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A juce virus that adds autotune to each mix :pirate_flag:


Thats a feature, not a bug!

just kidding :slight_smile:

or is he just kidding :expressionless: