Projucer build errors - array with negative size

See image:

The compilation fails on declaring arrays which use a preprocessor define in their size. I guess that maybe Projucer replaces that define with a global variable and that causes it?

Manually preprocessing it (replacing define with its value) solves the problem, and it seems that adding 16 to the constant also solves the compilation error (though probably produces incorrect functionality) - I guess that the placeholder value for the generated global variable is -16?

Source file with these errors is available at

Cheers, Yair

Hmm, that's odd, because all the projucer's sneaky variable-replacement stuff happens after the compilation, and this error is before that, so is a plain old Clang compilation stage. But the code looks ok. Thanks for the heads-up, we'll debug it!

(BTW our guess here is that this is a Clang bug.. we have to use the bleeding edge version, so gremlins can creep in. Hopefully it'll stabilise in time for our next projucer build)

Just tested Projucer 4.1.0 and notifying that this bug is still there.