Projucer Crash (for god sake why title must be at least 15 characters?)

Using Projucer 4.2.4, build date 16 Sep 2016.
It doesn’t happen with the example jucer files (eg. audio plugin demo).
It doesn’t happen in OSX.

Steps to reproduce (in Windows 7 last update):
Use attached project:
Test.txt (7.0 KB)
(please rename extension to jucer)
Open the project.
(fix the paths)
Click “Save”.
The “Save” progress bar takes way long than usual.
The following window pops up:

Then, when you click any of the two options, it crashes:

Apparently the project is saved, so there should be something happening right afterwards.

That 15 character thing is very annoying. Don’t forget though that the title must be different from all previous titles :slight_smile:

…not as annoying as unspecific titles. I like to be able to filter a little by title, if it interests me or if I can contribute to that topic. What’s so bad about putting a little more detail in the title?

The goal is a good one, no need to rant about it

Well, I can live with it, I just realized, that your rant took about 4 times the length of the actual message…
So no offence :slight_smile:
Back to business, good luck solving the crash, I can’t help, I don’t use windows…

Yeah machines can be nasty :wink: And yes, peace (never was in a different mood)