Projucer deletes user settings from Mac project

Projucer recreates the complete project bundle and not just the project file inside it. Unfortunately, any user settings are delete with it too. This includes all schemes and scheme customisations. It would be great, if these settings could be retained.

There is a setting on the Xcode (MacOSX) and the Xcode (iOS) export targets called Keep custom Xcode schemes. That should do what you want.

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Thanks, exactly what I was looking for.

I set “keep custom Xcode schemes” to “true”. However saving a project from Projucer clears some project settings: the bundle identifier, code signing, and iCloud enabling.

I also tried copying the xml settings from the app’s info.plist into Projucer’s “custom plist” field. This retains the bundle identifier but not app signing and iCloud settings, which are not in the plist.

How can these be retained?

This is on Juce version 5.2.0.

These settings are not stored in Xcode schemes, but in the Xcode project directly, so indeed Projucer overwrites them every time you save.

You can set the bundle identifier here:

That’s easier than defining a custom Info.plist.

You can set the code signing identity here:

Unfortunately, I don’t have any easy solution for enabling iCloud…

Adding iCloud settings in the Projucer will be added to JUCE very soon. We need this to implement the native iOS dialogs…