Projucer disable mic usage


Where to disable the Mic usage from the Projucer please?


Are you asking how to not grant mic usage permission to some software you are building using the Projucer?

This is the default behaviour on mobile platforms and macOS. There is no mechanism for doing this on Windows and Linux.

Yes, we use it on Desktop and everytime the antivirus says at launch we are using their Mic, it is annoying because we don’t.
There is nothing we can do ro prevent that?

Is this on Windows? What antivirus software? Is the warning happening when you run the app? If so, what’s happening in the app when it triggers? Are you accidentally opening an audio device with input channels enabled even if you’re not using them?

I’m afraid it’s not a previously identified problem with JUCE apps, so without a lot more information it’s not clear what to suggest.

Yes on Windows with bitdefender. We use sound in our app but no mic input. I will check what you mention about input channels enabled :wink:

Thanks !