Projucer doesn't translate library in Android

I’ve noticed that the Projucer (current develop build) doesn’t do token substitution for external library names, despite the fact that the other exporters do and the help text says that it does. Since I need this for configuring different versions, I patched the Projucer juce_Project_Export_Android.h, writeCmakeFile, from line 413 as follows:

            mo << "enable_language(ASM)" << newLine << newLine;

            auto userLibraries = StringArray::fromTokens (
                                                          getExternalLibrariesString(), ";", "");
            //** Begin patch
            for (auto& option : userLibraries )
                option = build_tools::replacePreprocessorDefs (getAllPreprocessorDefs(), option);
            //** end patch
            userLibraries.addArray (androidLibs);

Thanks for reporting.