Projucer fixes needed

I have a couple of feature requests, that are not actually working very well:

  • i have a lot of third party modules but some of them are really big and they have all their internal includes set to be like <library/include.h> and this does not work well with the projucer: could be possible to add each module root folder as header search path ? this way i don’t have to modify any thirdparty include to look like <juce-module-name/library/include.h> or adding the path to all exporters, which actually make the module not really plug and play as it is not working directly when including it in the build.

These are quirks in the android studio exporter:

  • if i have external modules not in the juce modules folder, the include path cannot be resolved. try to generate a project with the juce modules in one folder and an external module in another folder and try to compile it: you will notice that the autogenerated files in the JuceLibraryCode folder for the external modules cannot find some headers.

  • even if i set the project to allow x86 or x86_64 and it is correctly set in the gradle file, i cannot start the app with a x86 or x86_64 emulator. probably apk split builds are needed as stated in

We’re currently working on all the exporters, so I’ll see if we can include your first suggestion. The Android exporter in particular is receiving a lot of attention, so the last couple of points might be fixed shortly.

good ones! looking forward for the fixes. thanks