Projucer generates broken VS2019 project file for DSPTutorial

Hello. There seems to be a problem with the latest Projucer and tutorial projects with a separate library that gets linked with a plugin and standalone builds.

Steps to reproduce.

  1. Download the DSP tutorial zip file
  2. Generate Visual Studio 2019 solution file
  3. Open the solution file and attempt to build it

Expected result: The solution builds.
Actual result: The DSPIntroductionTutorial_SharedCode project build fails with the following message:

Error MSB3025 The source file “x64\Debug\Shared Code” is actually a directory. The “Copy” task does not support copying directories.

The project builds just fine if I go and edit the vcxproj file by hand and change this line


into this


JUCE v6.0.8
Projucer 6.0.8
Build date: 22 Mar 2021

Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2019
Version 16.9.4

Are you using the very latest version of JUCE from the develop branch? The newest version of the Projucer has a workaround for this issue. There are some more details in this thread.

In order to use the workaround, you’ll need to get a copy of JUCE from the develop branch on github, build a copy of the Projucer using the project files on this branch (see extras/Projucer/Builds), and then resave the tutorials using this copy of the Projucer.

Thanks for the reply, I guess I should’ve searched a bit more before posting :slight_smile: I’ll try the very latest JUCE version.