Projucer: issue with new JUCE 4.2 modules detection for Visual Studio 2015 export target


I have tried to add a Visual Studio 2015 export target to an already functioning OSX AudioPlugin jucer file.
It appears that only the old JSON-based modules are being detected (I’ve tried by referencing a JUCE 4.1 folder.)
If I choose a folder with the latest JUCE 4.2 version, the modules are not detected, and thus project can’t be exported and opened in the IDE.

I compiled the Projucer a few hours ago from the current git version.
Maybe the problem also occurs with other MSVS exporters, I did not try.

Hopefully it’s an easy fix for you! :smiley:


All code to read the old JSON files has been deleted, so if that works, then you must be running an old version of the projucer.

Hmm, weird.
Ok, I’ll try again and double-check that I’m not compiling something strange / wrong.

Thanks for the feedback.