Projucer license agreement questions, missing link to privacy policy

I installed the latest Projcer for Windows (as of 22 Oct 2016), which now has a license agreement. I glossed through it, I have some questions and notes. Keep in mind, this is coming from the perspective of an OSS/indie developer, so perhaps the license agreement is tailored towards larger companies.

  • This license only governs use of the Projucer, not the rest of JUCE, is that correct?
  • Section 1.2.a says the the Projucer can only be run on one CPU, I assume this means a physical CPU and not one core of a multi-core CPU? How would this apply to a multi-CPU computer?
  • Section 1.2.e seems overly restrictive, why can we only make one copy of the documentation? What if I wanted to have a copy on my development PC, and another to read on my tablet device?
  • Section 9.1 mentions some data may be collected. The link to the privacy policy is missing, it just says “[INSERT LINK TO PRIVACY POLICY]”.
  • What data is collected?
  • How long is the data retained?
  • What policies are in place to protect the data?
  • Is this data only used within Raw Material Software, or is it shared with third parties?
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Hi there,

Thank you for spotting the missing link. We’ll replace it shortly, and in the meantime you can refer to our privacy policy here: Please let me know if you still have questions on the subject.

The Projucer has two modes, the full version that runs the Live Coding engine, and the Demo Mode, which runs without the Live Coding engine and can be compiled from GitHub.

The EULA distinguishes usage of the full version and the demo mode. When running the demo mode, the section 1 doesn’t apply. The License section (section 1) refers to the conditions of using the full version of the Projucer.

With regards to installing the Projucer and the Documentation on more than one computer, this is to reinforce the fact that the Projucer and JUCE are licensed “per seat” and that organisations need to pay licenses for each developer that uses JUCE and the Projucer in close-source applications.

Thank you for taking the time to read the license! We’ll improve its readability in the near future.