Projucer module dependencies

Dear JUCE team,

Thanks for the great new global paths feature, that really helps for my setup. However, there are three problems:

  1. The modules source code seems no longer browsable in XCode when using the “global path” setting.
  2. If I have a custom module (not global path) depending on a juce module (global path), the dependency is shown as missing (in red). I can however save the project fine.
  3. (convenience:) Additionally it would be good, instead only “Set global for all modules” have the option “Set global for selected”

Please have a look, should be easy to fix…

Thanks a bunch

Glad you’re finding it useful! I’ve pushed a couple of changes to develop that should address issues 2 & 3 - the Projucer will now display an error if you try to save a project that has missing module dependencies and there is an option in the module settings page to set selected modules to use or not use the global path. However I can’t reproduce your first issue - when I have modules set to use the global path and open the project in Xcode I can browse the module source code fine. Does this only occur when using custom modules? I fixed an issue here that could be related.

Hi @ed95, that’s great improvement. The Set global for selected works fine.
Also it checks the dependencies correctly, as far as I can tell.

But the Source browsable happens for me for every path:

I just realise, the Projucer doesn’t like the tilde in the global path. So I can avoid that, but would be nice, if it could be fixed.

Another side note, when I select a module “from specific folder”, it is a bit non-intuitive, that it starts with global selected.

Thanks, these issues should be fixed on develop now.

Yes, works fine: global path with tilde is also browsable in XCode now and adding a module from a specific folder has set global path unset. Perfect, thank you!

One tiny detail thing I noticed, the plus button to add module is only working, if you clicked the gears icon before. If you selected a module, the + icon does nothing… but really not an issue :wink:

It’ll work if you just de-select all modules. You can do that by clicking any blank bit of the modules tree

Yes, that’s what I meant. You have to get back to the overview either by clicking the gears or deselecting all modules.
Just because the plus button is visible all the time, it might be as well clickable all the time. An impatient user might think it doesn’t work and file a bug report then…
As I said, not a real issue. The important stuff is fixed. Thanks again.

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