Projucer not recognising component data

I recently upgrade to JUCE 6 (MacOS Catalina) and everything works fine, until I noticed today that the Projucer is not recognising subcomponents in old (Projucer 5) files and is consequently removing them on save. This is not helpful. I’ve tried:
*Logging out and in
*resetting the path to the Juce modules
*deleting the Projucer settings and starting again (at least those in ~/Library/Application Support…
*Recompiling from scratch

Adding new components works fine. I’ve noticed that in the metadata the new Projucer adds the JUCE namespace to the component name. So for example the metadata:

<TOGGLEBUTTON name="show again" id="da8dc764d0c0e267" memberName="showAgain"
            virtualName="" explicitFocusOrder="0" pos="51.943% 92.601% 32.322% 3.591%"
            txtcol="ff000000" buttonText="do not show this screen again"
            connectedEdges="0" needsCallback="0" radioGroupId="0" state="0"/>

is removed whereas

<JUCE::TOGGLEBUTTON name="new toggle button" id="52588aafe49acd4b" memberName="juce__toggleButton"
                  virtualName="" explicitFocusOrder="0" pos="576 440 150 24" buttonText="new toggle button"
                  connectedEdges="0" needsCallback="1" radioGroupId="0" state="0"/>

is fine. I have no clue what is going on.

Thanks - that works fine.